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Choosing an office location goes beyond just the layout and size of the space itself. More and more organisations realise the growing importance of local amenities in determining their ideal office location.

Local amenities enhance the office environment and play a critical role in boosting employee morale, fostering collaboration, and promoting physical health.

Let’s explore how local amenities such as greenery and outdoor spaces directly influence office location choices.

Greenery and employee morale

There’s a profound connection between green spaces and employee morale. Having access to greenery and landscaped areas offers several benefits. Multiple studies have shown that nature can reduce stress levels and promote well-being. An office space surrounded by trees, plants, and a touch of nature can help alleviate the daily pressures of work. It acts as a visual break from computer screens and the monotony of the urban landscape.

Green spaces provide employees with a serene environment to take a break, meditate, or even enjoy a few moments of solitude. Such moments can lead to increased concentration and improved efficiency when teams return to their desks.

For instance, Chineham Business Park boasts a splendid outdoor space, a nearby natural environment, green space and nature preservation. Nestled amidst a lush landscape, the area provides employees with a picturesque view and an inviting atmosphere to step out, breathe, and recharge. Such a feature becomes an appealing selling point for potential hires and can significantly increase overall job satisfaction.

Outdoor meeting and collaboration zones

Outdoor spaces are no longer just for breaks. Modern office culture is evolving, with more companies recognising the potential of outdoor meetings and collaboration. For example, encouraging fresh air brainstorming sessions. 

Why so? Well, meeting rooms can sometimes be stifling. Shifting the venue outdoors can spark new ideas, courtesy of the fresh air and a change in scenery. Nature has always been a source of inspiration. Be it the patterns on leaves or the flight of birds, nature has a way of inspiring creativity. By allowing teams to collaborate in a natural setting, you’re giving them an environment that can stir up fresh, innovative ideas.

Recreation and physical health

A comprehensive office location choice also considers facilities that encourage physical health. Offices near cycling trails or those offering bike hire services motivate employees to consider cycling to work. It’s a sustainable mode of transport and a brilliant way to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.

There’s a clear link between physical well-being and workplace productivity. Employees who engage in regular physical activities often have better concentration, are less prone to illnesses, and generally exhibit a more positive attitude at work.

Chineham Business Park is a prime example of this. The local gym, Fitness First, is outfitted with modern equipment, offering employees a convenient space to exercise without venturing far from the office. Moreover, our Ryde bike hire service encourages employees to consider cycling for commuting or short recreational rides during breaks, further cementing the bond between physical activity and work.


The contemporary workspace seamlessly integrates professional tasks, relaxation, and accessibility. Our understanding of the perfect office environment will shift as corporate landscapes shift. Equipping your office with vital and leisurely facilities can elevate efficiency and team spirit, making your organisation a sought-after workplace.

Business Parks like Chineham Park, enriched with local amenities, is more than just a workplace—it’s a holistic environment that nurtures the professional and personal facets of an employee’s life.

Modern office space in Chineham Park

Chineham Park is an 815,000 sq ft mixed-use business park located in Basingstoke with a wide range of offerings comprising units from 160 sq ft to 93,000 sq ft. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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