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The evolution of the traditional office space has ushered in a new era where amenities play a critical role. Gone are the days when an office was simply a desk and a chair. Today, businesses look for spaces that promote work efficiency and foster well-being and camaraderie among employees.

Here, we dive deep into the importance of these amenities in the workplace and what to look out for when searching for the perfect office space for your business.

Why amenities are essential for businesses

Before employees even start working, the environment they step into sets the tone for the rest of their day. An office with comfortable, inviting amenities communicates that the company values its employees’ overall experience.

Amenities within and around the office are crucial in attracting and retaining top talent. They also enhance employee satisfaction, reduce burnout, and promote creativity and collaboration.

When employees have access to conveniences and recreational spaces nearby, it reduces the need for long breaks away from the office, leading to better productivity. As such, amenities aren’t just perks but a reflection of a company’s commitment to the well-being and contentment of its staff. Here are some more reasons why they matter:

Employee retention: in a competitive job market, offering attractive amenities can be a deciding factor for a potential employee. Retaining talent becomes easier when employees feel cared for and appreciated.

Enhanced productivity: comfortable environments and facilities that cater to employees’ needs can boost morale and, in turn, productivity.
Company image: a well-equipped office appeals to employees and gives clients and business partners a positive image.

Recreational spaces

These are essential spaces where employees can disconnect for a while, fostering creativity and reducing stress. A well-designed lounge can double as an informal meeting space, promoting collaboration. Then there are game rooms, which are more than just play spaces. They stimulate the brain, break monotony, and even help solve complex problems when employees engage in ‘playful’ thinking.

Promoting health and fitness benefits employees personally and can lead to reduced sick days, increased energy, and higher productivity. Outdoor spaces offer a refreshing break and can even serve as spots for brainstorming sessions. Natural light and a touch of greenery can do wonders for an employee’s mental well-being.

Incorporating recreational spaces into your office can offer significant benefits, including:

Mental breaks: spaces like lounges, game rooms, or terraces offer employees a break from the computer screen, helping them refresh their minds.

Team building: these spaces can be hubs for informal team gatherings, fostering camaraderie and team spirit.
Encouraging physical activity: amenities like gyms or even simple yoga rooms can promote health and wellness among employees.

Food facilities to keep your workforce happy

The way to an employee’s heart is often through their stomach! Having a coffee shop or cafe within the office premises ensures employees get nutritious meals without the hassle of going out, saving time and promoting social interactions.

Never underestimate the power of a good coffee break! Complimentary refreshments can boost morale and provide employees with the little ‘perk-me-ups’ they need throughout the day. A fully equipped kitchenette becomes an essential amenity for those who prefer to bring home-cooked meals or want a mid-day snack.

What amenities to look out for near the office

The vicinity of the office plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of employees. Having restaurants, shopping areas, and relaxation zones nearby provides convenience, ensuring employees have places to unwind after a long day or even during breaks.

Then there is the importance of local transport areas such as bus and train stations.

Connectivity is key. Proximity to public transport can be a significant factor in an employee’s decision to join or stay with a company, reducing commute times and transportation costs.

The surroundings of the office play a role almost as crucial as the office space itself:

Public transport links: ensuring the office is accessible can save employees time and commuting costs. Chineham Park has a dedicated shuttle bus just for staff, running them to and from Basingstoke train station.

Eateries and cafés: having various dining options nearby, such as The Exchange cafe and new Pizzeria restaurant, provides variety for lunch breaks or post-work gatherings.

Green spaces: parks or public sitting areas can provide a quick escape from the office environment. Plenty of green space at Chineham, with neighbouring ancient woodland and walking routes around the business park.

At Chineham, we also have an onsite children’s nursery, gym and hair salon.


The modern office is a blend of work, leisure, and convenience. As businesses continue to evolve, so will the definition of what constitutes an ideal office space.
Ensuring your office provides both essential and recreational amenities will not only boost productivity and morale but will also position your company as a desirable place to work.

Modern office space in Chineham Park

Chineham Park is an 815,000 sq ft mixed-use business park located in Basingstoke with a wide range of offerings comprising units from 160 sq ft to 93,000 sq ft. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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