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Successfully growing a business involves a lot of factors, and one of the most important of all is maximising productivity. This is why modern business methods and trends are focusing more on how to improve the productivity of their workforce. Identifying the ideal office workspace to rent is the first step, with flexibility for personalised design now one of the biggest selling points for business parks.

A modern office workspace should help each member of staff maximise their own productivity. But with the workforce composed of individuals with different personal needs, it can be difficult to know exactly how to redesign an office workspace to cater to everyone. Let’s look closer at how you can cultivate the most productive workplace experience possible.

Redesign your office workspace

There are significant benefits for employers when they personalise workspaces for their staff. As well as boosting productivity and efficiency, they help retain valuable team members and recruit talented new ones.

Here are some productivity-boosting office workspace design ideas to consider.

Workspace ergonomics

Creative workspace design begins with ergonomics. An ergonomically optimised workspace should be accommodating and comfortable for everyone.

This means all furniture and equipment should be designed to minimise physical stresses and strains. It also means some consideration towards the mental wellbeing of each worker, especially with regard to repetitive tasks and inefficient organisation.

Adjustable desks are one of the best ergonomic additions to a modern office workspace design. They enable each employee to set up their equipment and personal workspace exactly how they prefer to work.

Other ergonomic suggestions include:

  • Hotdesk layouts
  • Standing desk options
  • Workstation personalisation
  • Outdoor working/meeting opportunities

Not all of these suggestions will be suitable. It is fairly easy for a small business with only a few employees to ergonomically optimise their workspace, but it is a trickier equation for larger workforces.

An initial plan of how each department must communicate with each other helps before designing the layout. Digital technologies can also make communication between departments easier than ever.

Environmental conditions

The lighting and workspace temperature can have a huge bearing on how productive staff are. When these workspace-specific environmental elements are a negative factor, they make it difficult to concentrate and maintain productive energy throughout the working day.

Separate temperature controls for different workspaces are good for ensuring a comfortable environment while allowing you to save energy in spaces not being used.

Lighting can be tricky, as natural light is beneficial but too much can negate its positive effects. If there is an abundance of natural light, then it can be difficult to see monitors and it can also cause a strain on the eyes. Being aware of the lighting in the workspace before designing your layout will help you ensure your staff’s workstations are positioned effectively.  

Biophilic office design

Biophilia is the term coined to describe humanity’s innate attraction to nature, and it plays a crucial part in modern office workspace design ideas. Wherever you look for creative workspace design inspiration, there will be plenty of biophilic-focused suggestions.

It has been a hot trend for a few years now in the office design scene, with more and more evidence that such connections to nature are demonstrably beneficial to our mental health.

Happy employees mean productive employees, so biophilic elements should definitely be part of any plan to redesign office workspace. This can be in the form of plants around the workspace, scenic window views, or green areas nearby where workers can rest and take breaks, or even hold staff meetings.

Office workspaces at Chineham Park

A great example of modern office workspace for rent is in Chineham Park near Basingstoke. Many of the different companies set up here have been able to design their workspaces to suit their own unique business model while accommodating their employees’ preferences.

The local amenities are excellent, with accessibility prioritised, and the variety of surrounding landscaped spaces provides an ideal environment for professionals to maximise their productivity.

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