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We’re nearly half-way through the year and it can often be hard to stay motivated and on track to achieving our goals—life just gets in the way! So, this month for #WorldProductivityDay on June 20th, we want to help you stay focused at work.

Here are some recommended resources to provide additional insights and strategies to keep you on track!

@marieforleo:  Marie Forleo on Instagram, a renowned entrepreneur and author, shares insights on productivity, business strategies, and personal development.

@amylandino: Amy Landino on Tik Tok shares productivity tips, time management strategies, and daily routines to help you optimise your day.

Beyond the To-Do List Podcast by Erik Fisher : Erik Fisher interviews productivity experts and real-life productivity practitioners to share their best tips and strategies for getting things done.

The Tim Ferriss Show  Podcast by Tim Ferriss:  While not exclusively focused on productivity, Tim Ferriss often explores productivity hacks and strategies in his interviews with top performers from various fields.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear. In this book he outlines a comprehensive system for making small, incremental changes that lead to significant improvements over time. His insights into habit formation are essential for anyone looking to boost productivity.

Deep Work: Rules for a Focused Success in a Distracted World,by Cal Newport: This book emphasises the importance of deep work and provides practical advice in how to cultivate a habit of deep, focussed work.

Pocket: Stop getting distracted by interesting articles or videos during work hours. Save them to your Pocket reading list for breaks or the end of the day. Pocket ensures that you can catch up on your reading without interrupting your workflow.

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