Nurture Landscapes Employee Awarded for Chineham Park Work


Donald Watts from Nurture Landscapes, the award-winning landscape and garden maintenance business that look after the environment here at Chineham Park, has been recognised by Nurture Landscapes and awarded an Going the Extra Mile (GEM) award for his continued support and enthusiasm for his work here at Chineham Park.  

Don’s work at some of the recent events on the Park, such as our seed to plate and handing basket events has been commended by Chineham Park which formed part of his nomination. His contribution to the Easter Egg Hunt with the children at Bright Horizons nursery where he dressed up as the Easter Bunny was a particular highlight.  

Wendy Scott, Chineham Park’s Customer Manager said: “I would like to thank Nurture Landscapes and especially Don for his hard work and contribution to the success of the well being events being held at Chineham Park.   

He is very much a team player and goes above and beyond what is required at the events. Don makes these events enjoyable and is a real asset to have here at Chineham Park. I am delighted that Don’s enthusiasm as has been recognised by Nurture and we look forward to working with Don on future well-being events to be held on the Park”.  

Stephen Packman, Contracts Manager at Nurture Landscapes said: “Don has assisted with every event at Chineham Park and he is always enthusiastic and engaging with all the tenants attending. He is always a good sport with a smile and an asset to our team at Chineham Park”.  


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