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At Chineham Park we have biodiversity plans in place and work closely with our award-winning onsite landscape team Nurture. We are fortunate that Nurture go above and beyond to create areas on the park to encourage new wildlife to join the park community!

Each area attracts different habitats and species. The woodland copse by the side of Maplewood which was installed in the Autumn, is home to squirrels, magpies, British songbirds and even a Munk Jack Deer has been spotted taking advantage of the bird feeding station.  There is a mixture of peanuts, fat balls, seeds and water at the bird feeding station, which is accessible for all the animals in the area.

The pond was refurbished and re-lined last year. Submerged planting including lillies can be spotted if you visit the pond. Water boatman have been seen on the pond and we are keeping our eyes open to see if any newts make it their home.

We are always keen to encourage new wildlife to the park. We understand the importance of wellbeing and aim to support our occupiers by providing a framework for sustainable and happy communities.

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