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Chineham Park Biodiversity Summer 2023

Over the summer Chineham Park has been creating additional areas for wildlife. We have allowed several areas of grassland across the park to grow long throughout the spring and summer. This has created some areas of biodiverse grassland on which we have recorded several species including;

  • Over 170 species of plant – including 3 species of orchid
  • 16 species of butterfly
  • 6 species of dragonfly
  • Slow-worms

Over the autumn we will be cutting these areas of grassland, this is part of the biodiversity management and will help ensure the enhancement of the grassland. We will also be looking at adding additional floral species to some of the grassland areas.

We will also be conducting woodland management over the winter.

We are currently working towards accreditation of the Wildlife Trusts Biodiversity Benchmark Award.

For more information, please contact the Chineham Park estate office on 01256 595 364.

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